Summer Thailand

Most people think Thailand is a worthy holiday destination only in winter. The truth is that summer can be much more relaxing due to less crowds. The weather is mostly good and accommodation is remarkably cheaper.

Green season? Rainy season? Off-season? What? When?

During the high season months (Nov-Apr) all the Southern Thailand holiday resorts enjoy sunny skies, light off-shore breeze and calm seas. Sometimes in November or December it can still rain occasionally and it is normal to be windy in the mornings.

Phukets off season (May-Oct) has many names but generally speaking, in May the winds change and stronger Southwest monsoon starts to bash the Phuket shores and the seas are generally more rough. Weather can be more unstable and daily tropical showers are common. Occasionally a larger weather system moves from the Bay of Bengal over Thailand and it could be windy, cloudy and rainy for a couple days until it is sunny again.

Raya Yai

The island is one of the summer favourites. Even on the strongest monsoon winds we can always find calm bays to go snorkeling and diving.


Our office and the Raya Guest House is open yeararound. If the seas are rough we dive in easy and pleasant nearby sites.


Activities are organised year around but some of the dive sites in open sea might be hard to reach on windy days. Phuket is enjoying its surf season and boards can be rented from most beaches.

Khao Lak & Koh Lanta

Khao Lak and Koh Lanta have both very limited boating options during the summer season our offices are closed from 1st of April to 31st of October.