Raya Noi Dive Sites

Scuba Diver at Raya Noi

Intermediate | 0-20m | Mild currents

Kan-Pe-La Point is located on the east side of Raya Noi Island. This dive site for intermediate divers has exiting details. Almost right below the surface there is a rock formation that has narrow passages all the way to the sea floor. After the formation begins a sandy area that ends to a beautiful bay with lots of coral.  Scuba divers can not get enough of this site, because the highlights of the this site are Leopard and Black tip reef sharks as well as Eagle and Manta rays.

Turtle near surface at Raya Noi

Intermediate | 10-35m | Mild currents

The Beach is an easy scuba diving site with mild currents just off the beach of Raya Noi. The pure white sand bottom of the beach continues to deeper parts as well and looks astonishing from above and beneath the surface. Shallow waters with corals on the sea floor attract large lakes of fish, leopard sharks and some times even the legendary Manta Rays. Whether you are willing to see different fish species, sharks or manta rays, this site has what you are looking for.

Colorful fish resting on a coral

Intermediate | 10-35m | Strong currents

Raya Noi South Pinnacle is absolutely one of the most beautiful dive site in Thailand. Scuba divers descend along a huge soft coral covered boulder, that goes all the way down. On the more shallow parts of the dive site angelfish, lionfish and large barracuda lakes are usually spotted. The deeper part of Raya Noi South Pinnacle goes as deep as 40m and Manta Rays are spotted on almost every dive around January to February. Because of strong currents this dive site is suitable for only more experienced scuba divers.

Diversity of the reef at Raya Noi

Intermediate | 5-35m | Strong currents

Raya Noi North Pinnacle starts with a wall covered in hard coral and quickly drops to around 40 meters below the surface. Almost right after going below the surface there is an unique rock formation that goes all the way to the bottom of the sea. Around the rock large lakes of fish are common and sometimes Manta Rays are spotted swimming around the rock. Just like the South Pinnacle this dive site has also strong currents and that is why it suits only for more experienced scuba divers.

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