Phuket reopening 1st of July 2021

Phuket reopening 1st of July 2021

Currently Thailand is experiencing a mild 3rd wave of Covid-19 that as the cases started to increase in April 2021. However, when comparing to most other countries the number of infections and/or deaths remain very low.

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Thailand has announced that international tourists who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 are allowed to visit the Phuket island with no quarantine, starting from July 1, 2021 - the first destination to reopen for international tourists.

For travellers to feel safe, the entire island’s population would be vaccinated at least 70% to get the herd immunity before the reopening.

Although the four “remote site” vaccination centres were shut down last week as the COVID infections started spreading across the island, Phuket’s mass-vaccination campaign has already resumed and so far more than 104,000 people in Phuket have been vaccinated (approximately 23%).

These include medical personnel and outpost personnel, general target groups working in tourism, ethnic groups, Buddhist monks, village headman, government officials and staff at local government organisations, reports the Phuket office of the Public Relations Department (PR Phuket).

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