Anemone reef Dive Site

Fish between soft coral
Moray looking at camera

Intermediate | 5-25m | Strong currents

Anemone Reef is a beautiful dive spot and has been named by countless sea anemones that can be spotted everywhere at the pinnacle. The rock looks like it's alive as the anemones swing back and forth in the water.Reef is exciting place to scuba dive, because giant tuna fish and mackerels are often spotted. Other common fish spotted swimming around the reef are lionfish, clownfish, parrotfish and leopard sharks.  Anemone Reef is located between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands near Shark Point dive site. Anemone Reef is really worth visiting if scuba diving is your passion.

Scuba diver approaching corals
Staring contest with a clownfish
Moray at Anemone reef

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Raya Head Office is located at Chalong Bay, nearby the marina where most the activities start every morning. Our retail store offers great selection of latest water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. We are right next to the Chalong circle, an easy-to-find landmark and we are open year around.

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