I started scuba diving at Koh Lanta

I started scuba diving at Koh Lanta

Sukelluksen peruskurssi Koh Lantalla

"My whole family has been diving for many years but I gathered courage to start it for 28 years. Finally I decided to do my Open Water Course with Raya Divers at Koh Lanta."

"I was quite nervous about scuba diving and decided to go to Raya Divers snorkeling trip before starting my diving course. While I was snorkeling at the beautiful coral reefs of Koh Haa I realized how relaxing the underwater world can be. My fears proved to be wrong about "fish attacking divers" and I realized there is no reason to be worried about that. While I was snorkeling I immediately wanted to go deeper to explore the ocean.

The PADI Open Water Course took three days. On the first day we studied theory and practiced basic skills in the swimming pool. On the 2nd and 3rd day we went with Raya Divers boat to Koh Haa islands. We did three dives per day and at the end I was not stressed any longer, the dives went smoothly and safely and I was very relaxed.

I learned that there are two kind of divers: the ones that are into small things and corals, and the ones that like schools of bigger fish. I am definately latter and swimming in the middle of a large school of fish is somehow very unreal and feels like you are in space or something. You don't experience things like this on land.

My instructor Oskari was very professional and had a great sense of humour. The whole Raya team was awesome: Despite the long days they were always smiling and looking after the safety of the tourists. I truly thank them all of that, my diving career could not have started in better hands."


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